Global Pro Security (GPS)

Is an internationally recognized security and surveillance system integrator.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of Global Pro Security is to provide the highest quality security products at the most competitive pricing in the industry to security equipment companies and national retail outlets. We are dedicated to helping make your shopping experience more easier. And we measure our success by our ability to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Our Strategic Vision

We will be respected, profitable, and an international leader in the wholesale distribution of state-of-the-art security technology products.

Our Company Philosophy

  • Listen to our customers; their wants, needs, and wishes become our strategic blueprint.
  • Commit to leadership in every aspect of our business
  • Avoid bureaucracy
  • Employees must make direct contributions to our goals
  • Emphasize quality
  • Believe that “good enough” is never enough
  • Respond quickly and decisively to each opportunity
  • Create an environment where ideas are encouraged, respected, and rewarded.
  • Justify expenditures as they relate to our goals
  • Have Fun


Our Core Values

Our Core Values reflect the way we do business and form the foundation for our strategic vision, our mission statement, our company philosophy, and our overall success. These Core Values are the essence of who we are.

  • Respectful
  • Demonstrating genuine concern for others
  • Committed to Collaboration
  • Encouraging the spirit of mutual trust by openly acknowledging the value and contributions of the people we work with
  • Results Oriented
  • Striving to ensure we are meeting our company goals, our personal goals, and, above all, our customers goals
  • Honest
  • Demonstrating integrity, reliability, and a sense of accountability in work and behavior.
  • Innovative
  • Embracing new ideas and new technologies in an effort to raise the standard of excellence
  • Committed to Excellence
  • Striving to reach our full potential as a company and as individuals.

Contact Us

141 Neptune Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11235

Phone: +1 718 499-5384
+1 347 370-4444
Fax: +1 718 499-5387